The History of Now

2015 to 2017, over time.

2015 to 2017

The last 3 years have been epic in the history of cannabis. Much of this involved a lot of legwork and networking. Hear the stories of how California Cannabis Voice of Humboldt and other leaders became the force behind Humboldt’s influential land use ordinance and sent waves all the way to Sacramento and the voting booth. There are still many moving pieces, but the plate tectonics of this period of history will be felt for many years.

Hear about the formation of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH) and the grass roots activism that created the first of it’s kind Cannabis Land Use Ordinance for the County of Humboldt.


Matt Kumin – Matt Kumin Law
Richard Marks – Chair of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commission
Praj White, P.E. – Manhard Consulting
Chris Moore – Pacific Watershed
Kathy Moley – Pacific Watershed Associates

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