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Economics & Jobs

Economics & Jobs

We are moving from jobs to careers. Cannifest offers its second annual job fair to match employers with the broad skillsets needed to go from applications to business plans. Taxes, compliance, and insurance are all part of the steps to put that license on the wall. But the reality is fluid: the costs of doing Cannabizness are stacking up relative to other agricultures and industries. Is the future a thousands cuts, or a more reasoned way forward? Humboldt Green Week celebrates over a decade of sharing Earth Day with 420. Cannabis can be a new business with a purpose: smart agriculture which recognizes nature, humans and the economy.


Garry Nelson – Northcoast Horticulture Supply
Brian Shields – HMCU Humboldt Medical Cannabis Union
Teisha Mechetti – Ag Dynamix
Edwardo Blanco – Agricultural Labor Relations Board

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