The Dubbadubs under Arcata tree

The Dubbadubs

We are 7 souls, bound by one heart, by the love of music, this healing art.
We planted our seed humbly in the ground, and with patience and love, gave birth to this sound
Music with a message that will make you move, sown with intentions in every groove
Our passion, creation, and spirit too…
The DubbaDubs want to share it with you

Debut album “Seed” is available now! (check out our online shop)

Playing Saturday at 5pm on the Grassroots Stage


Koa Aluli – Lead Vocals
Kyla Rose – Lead Vocals
Clay Adams – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Rich Tobin – Keys
Scott Kranzberg – Bass, Vocals
John Denney – Percussion, Woodwinds, Vocals
Joseph Incorvaia – Drums