Raashan Ahmad with Object Heavy

Raashan Ahmad with Object Heavy

Object Heavy

Object Heavy
Damon Cooper- Vox
Drew Mohr- Bass, Vox
B. Swizlo- Keyboards
Pete Ciotti- Drums
Johnny Fiya- Guitar

Object Heavy draws from the sound of soul music. Inspired by the parameters of Rock, Funk, Blues, R&B and Hip Hop, the band features Two voices which really capture their versatility with lyrics, reminding us of a world in need, a world to love and a place to be free.
Their self-titled 1st album features Bill Summers, percussionist of the acclaimed “HeadHunters”. DJ Logic shows up on two tracks, and you’ll get to hear the Legendary Fred Wesley with his signature trombone. Sleep and Zone(Macklemore) of “The Chicharones” and Raashan Ahmad of the “Crown City Rockers” are featured, showing Object Heavy’s love for Hip Hop.
Get Down with Object Heavy.


Raashan Ahmad