Cannabis Marketplace and Lounge

When you go to events and try to buy weed the “experience” has traditionally felt flat. One line. One table. One product. No place to smoke. NO experience.Our lounge is a different type of experience entirely. To be a retailer in this space you MUST help create the vibe. Anybody can sell joints but it just has to be more at Cannifest. What will you bring to make this lounge an experience? A couch? A love sac? A silent disco? A water feature? We are counting on you to think differently than just the usual. Each retailer will have a 10 x 40 suite- they will curate the brands and farmers in their suite, one retailer, 2 brands and 2 farms. This will ensure that the products sold are being repped properly and that attendees get to meet those responsible for bringing their favorite brands to market. Let's collaborate on this zone- Let's get creative! Want help? Our staff is here and willing to help you bring your vision to life! Are you a retailer seeking a presence? Lets get you some more info at the link below.

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