Enter now for SQUISH '22!!

Incredible News!!! 📰 $10 grand is at stake for the Big Squish (rosin cup) of 2022!! That’s right Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, & now OKLAHOMA are all eligible to enter for ROSIN ONLY by March 4th, with a ten thousand dollar Grand Prize Award! Any questions? …. Hit us up now!
Grand prize Awarded at Cannifest OKC in April!           

                           The Squish ‘22 Rules and Regulations

What You Need To Know…

 1. The Squish ‘22 is a solventless rosin competition for anyone 21 years or older & residing in Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, or Illinois. Both commercial brands and home growers or rosin makers may enter & compete to win the $10,000 Grand Prize!

 2. The entry fee is $250.00 for home hash-makers and includes 2 tickets to the Oklahoma Squish ‘22 awards the first week of April, 2022. (Location & exact dates being determined.) For commercial brands, the entry fee is $400 and includes two tickets to the event. Co-promotion & shout-outs for all entries across our IG & FB channels. 

 3. Anyone residing in one of the four states mentioned above may enter with five (5) grams of solventless rosin (consistency of your choice.) Entries will be kept frozen or room temperature upon request. 

 4. The rosin entries will be collected on March 4th, with a drop off location in each of the four states eligible to participate. Locations and arrangements will be communicated by way of email as we get closer to the date (Make sure to register with an email address you can be reached at). Drop-off Cities include: Grand Rapids MI, St. Louis MO, Oklahoma City, OK, and Chicago, IL as of now. 

5. All the rosin will be lab tested to ensure safety prior to judging. 

 6. Judging is opinion based and the best rosin takes home $10,000 cash as the Grand Champion. Runner ups receive consolation prizes.

7. Awards for The Squish ‘22, will happen at the Seed Swap Circus in Oklahoma, presented by Cannifest Worldwide. Entries include two tickets to the OKC Seed Swap Circus and Squish ‘22 awards. Finalists will be notified, but must be present in Oklahoma to find out who wins.