Cannifest Welcomes All Humboldt Grow Game Competitors

If you’d like to participate as an individual or in a team at the Humboldt Grow Games, fill out the entry form below.

There are individual, team and group competitive events at Cannifest Games.

Door Games – Individual Entry
Ganja Games – Individual Entry
Community Games – Individual Entry, Group Entry
Humboldt Grow Games – 4 Member Team

The Humboldt Grow Games require four team members to compete.

  • 1 Person is Needed for the The Plant Re-Pot Hustle
  • 1 Person is Needed for the Emerald Triangle Irrigation Puzzle
  • 2 People are Needed for the Dirt Bag Drag

If your team qualifies on Saturday, all four members are required to return on Sunday and  compete in the Soil Pallet Team Challenge. The winning team of the 2018 Humboldt Grow Games will win some awesome prizes! Prizes to be announced at a later date as Cannifest approaches. You don’t need to pick a team name right now, but you should start brainstorming.