Cannifest is a celebration at the intersection of cannabis and life. Come out and celebrate commUnity and all things green at Humboldt’s manifest cannabis festival! We are currently planning the lineup of music and events for Cannifest 2018. More details will be released soon. There’s something for everyone at Cannifest. Check out some of our staple events below. 

  • Cannifest Bowl

    The premiere Cannabis Community Choice Award, judged by your peers. An event not to be missed! Bowl Information Here

  • Cannabis Community Choice Awards

    Celebrate the Cannifest Live Art Award & the Cannifest Functional Glass Award. Learn More & Sign up now!

  • Humboldt Grow Games

    Do you have the skills it takes to beat the friendly competition. Which event would you do the best in? Sign Up or Learn the Rules Here.

  • Speakers & Workshops

    Learn the current science, best management practices, and regulatory compliance. Knowledge is Power

  • Humboldt Cannabis Job Fair

    Second Annual Humboldt Cannabis Job Fair. Bring your marketable skills & get a job that comes with a W-2. Join the hottest growing industry

  • Live Music & Silent Disco

    Live music on multiple stages and then a late night silent disco with musical options See Music Lineup

  • Family Interactive Zone

    A place to interact with your children, with creative & interesting things to do. Fun for the whole family. Learn More

  • Community Activities

    Tons of extra things are going on at Cannifest, way too many for you to read a whole bunch of web pages about. For a quick rundown, check out the page for Community Events

Cannifest 2017 Event Schedule

Redwood Acres Fairgrounds Map

Map Legend
Main Hall & Stage: Blue
Humboldt Green Stage: Red
Grass Roots Stage: Orange
Area 215: Green
Family Interactive Zone: Light Blue
Silent Disco: Purple
Grow Games: Dark Green
Holistic Zone: Brown

See below for the full stage schedule. If you want to check out the non-stage events, you’ll have to browse around to the Family Interactive Zone (FIZ) or the Community Events page.

Text Schedule


Doors Open 11am

Music TBA (from opening to 2am)

All Day Events include the Live Art painting and Glass Art judging in the Main Hall. as well as sponsors and exhibitors in Area 215.

Door Games [11am-1PM] include the Hydro Pebble toss, the 100ml pour, and the disc toss all start at 11am and continue until 1pm.

Humboldt Grow Games: Sign Up!

Re-Pot Hustle: 1 pm
Dirt Bag Drag: 2 pm
Emerald Triangle Irrigation Puzzle: 3 pm
420 Tug “Indoor vs Outdoor”: Starts at 4:20pm

Ganja Games

All Ganja games run from 12pm to 6pm Saturday. They include the Seed Count, Guess the Weight, and the Shake and Sniff contest. Tie breaker will be the Joint Roll-Off.


Doors Open 11am

Music TBA (until 11pm)

Judging for Visual Art and Glass Art continues until 3pm

Ganja Games

The Ganja games continue on Sunday with the Seed Count, Guess the Weight, and Shake and Sniff contests running from 12pm to 3pm Sunday.

Sunday will host the 3:30pm Joint Roll Off.

Humboldt Grow Games

Team Soil Pallet Challenge: 3 pm

Cannifest Bowl Sign up!

The Cannifest Bowl will be awarded on Sunday at 5pm.

Schedule Timelines

Please note that this schedule and timeline only includes the STAGES where Cannifest talks or music is going on. If you’d like more info about what else is going on, please check out the Family Interactive Zone or Community Events pages.  There will also be Live Art on both days in the Mail Stage area (Franceschi Hall). Also Area 215 will have DJ’s and the Mumu Crew on Sunday that are not listed below.

Saturday Stage Timeline

[tt_timetable event_category=’music-on-saturday’ columns=’main-stage,humboldt-green-stage,grassroots-stage,field-stage’ measure=’0.5′ filter_label=’Sunday Stage Lineup’ time_format=’g:i a’ event_layout=’4′]

Sunday Stage Timelines

[tt_timetable event_category=’cannifest-talks,music-on-sunday’ columns=’main-stage,humboldt-green-stage,grassroots-stage,field-stage’ measure=’0.5′ filter_kind=’event_category’ filter_label=’Sunday Stage Lineup’ time_format=’g:i a’ event_layout=’4′ hide_empty=’1′]