Cannifest Royalty Entry Form

Here Ye, Here Ye Humboldt Green is in search of Cannifest Royalty! If you’ve got what it takes to lead the Cannifest Kingdom, sign up online to be contacted about the King and Queen competition. The winning King and Queen will be announced at the Inaugural 2018 Baller’s Ball . More information about submissions, contest rules and regulations will be announced soon.

Cannifest King & Queen Entries

Compete in a pageant to see who will be crowned Cannifest Royalty. The Cannifest King and Queen will be announced at the Baller's Ball. The King and Queen duties include representing Cannifest Royalty throughout the year and at the 2018 Yes We Cann Parade. If you would like to enter as a King or Queen please fill out the online form. We will contact you with more information as the event gets closer.