Cannifest is working to award 99 exhibit spaces to our hard working California licensed, small craft farmers at Cannifest.

One of the challenges that local small farmers face is often overlooked, events!, and we want to provide opportunities to showcase their stories at Cannifest. If you're a small farmer and would like to share your story while entering the running for one of these booths at Cannifest, please complete the form and apply for a space. There will be a limited number of free booths offered, and we request that each table tells a story, any story that helps the community connect with the importance of supporting our small craft farmers, and be part of the Yes We Cann! Community Parade. Working alongside local businesses and agencies, Cannifest is thrilled to give away 99 farmer booths to support this cause.


- CLOSED FOR 2023 -

See you at the festival!

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