Live Music on 4 Stages.

Humboldt Green Stage (food area), Grassroots stage (wood stage), Main Hall Stage, and the Field Stage (where the Humboldt Grow Games happen) are the four locations bands will be performing at. There will also be music at the Family Interactive Zone (FIZ).  A Silent Disco (at the field stage), will happen on Saturday evening, for rocking out and dancing the night away beyond the local noise ordinance. 

We are still adding new musical acts for next year’s festival, so this page will be updated with the 2018 Music Schedule soon. If you’d like to see the past lineup for 2017, see below.


2017 Music Lineup

Check out the super talented performers we hosted at last year’s Cannifest in 2017.

2017 Map and Schedule Below

Map and Schedule Legend
Blue: Main Stage (in Franceschi Hall)
Red: Humboldt Green Stage (in the Home Ec Building)
Orange: Grass Roots Stage (outdoor wood stage)
Light Green: Area 215 (prop 215 smoking area)
Dark Purple: Field Stage (Grow Games track)
Light Blue: Family Interactive Zone (FIZ)
Light Purple: Grandstands

2017 Saturday Stage Schedule

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2017 Sunday Stage Schedule

2017 Cannifest Talks

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2017 Sunday Music

[tt_timetable event_category=’music-on-sunday’ columns=’main-stage,humboldt-green-stage,grassroots-stage,field-stage’ measure=’0.5′ filter_style=’tabs’ filter_label=’Sunday Music Lineup’ time_format=’g:i a’ event_layout=’4′]