How to Play the Games

Entry/Door Games

These games are under the entry greenhouse, right as you enter the festival.

This is simple carnival style game where the playing field is a hydro table filled with cups that have either black or white hydro pebbles in it. Toss a hydro pebble into a cup with white pebbles in it and you win! It's just that simple!

Humboldt Grow Games

There are individual, team and group competitive events at Cannifest Games.

Door Games – Individual Entry
Ganja Games – Individual Entry
Community Games – Individual Entry, Group Entry
Humboldt Grow Games – 4 Member Team

The Humboldt Grow Games require four team members to compete.

  • 1 Person is Needed for the The Plant Re-Pot Hustle
  • 1 Person is Needed for the Emerald Triangle Irrigation Puzzle
  • 2 People are Needed for the Dirt Bag Drag

If your team qualifies on Saturday, all four members are required to return on Sunday and  compete in the Soil Pallet Team Challenge. The winning team of the 2018 Humboldt Grow Games will win some awesome prizes! Prizes to be announced at a later date as Cannifest approaches. You don’t need to pick a team name right now, but you should start brainstorming.

These games show off the skills that Farmers develop over their years in the fields and greenhouses. If you'd like to enter this year's events, please grab a few friends and sign up here!  On Saturday, each event will be scored using time, distance, and 'points' to determine which 6 teams will advance to Sunday's final event, the Team Soil Pallet Challenge.

Each team of four will have to compete in the events below.

Saturday Games in the Field Stage

Plant Re-Pot Hussle - 1 Team member 

Plant Repot HustleFill a 1 gallon pot with soil, add a sprinkle of mycorrhizae, then mix Roots Excelurator into the water, and then re-pot the seedling plant into your pot and water in. Then, stack it on the table and hands up for the timer to stop

Two contestants at a time with complete side by side, as shown on in the photo. Beat your co-contestant for a small prize and have the best overall time for the big win for your team.

Points may be docked for poor style, a sloppy workstation, not enough soil, forgetting the mycorrhizae, or killing a plant. Best of luck!

New Event: The Dirt Bag Drag - 2 Team Members 

This new event will take two members of your team and see how far they can drag a 150 gallon fabric pot with 100 gallons of soil in it in 42.0 seconds. The winners will have dragged the bag the furthest in the allotted time.  Points may be docked for spilling soil while dragging or ripping the fabric pot.

Emerald Triangle Irrigation Puzzle - 1 Team Member 

Emerald Triangle Irrigation PuzzleConnect three lengths of hoses, a box of different sized couplers and connectors to pump water from the pond into the tank.  Complete the puzzle following the map (to be shown right before the event) quick as you can and win the prize! Fastest wins, as long as you aren't leaking all over the place.

Team Soil Pallet Challenge - All 4 Team Members - After 4:20 Tug of War on Sunday

The entire team of four will unstack a pallet of Royal Gold Tupur soil through an obstacle course, and then restack all the bags on a new pallet. Timed, with points deducted for torn bags.

The obstacle course starts with grabbing a bag (or two?) from the pallet and running the gauntlet of tires, then up and over the hay bale pyramid, around the flag or marker, and then under the 'Gorilla Greenhouse', and finally over the not quite wide enough plank covering our mini water catchment pond.

  • Tires and Hay Stiars
  • Team Pallet Soil
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Ganja Games

Ganja Games

Ganja Games are held in the Medicinal 215 Area on Saturday. 

Can you roll the best joint faster than your friends? Enter this and show everyone your skills. Points awarded for skill. Also, "most creative joint"