Make Your Voice Heard and Vote For Your Favorite

Community Judging happens at three main events throughout  Cannifest weekend. 

  • Cannifest Bowl Sign Up Coming Soon
  • Cannifest Live Art Award Sign Up
  • Cannifest Glass Art Award Sign Up

Do you want to take home a 2018 Cannifest Community Choice Award? Let us know you’re interested in participating at one of the events and fill out the online sign-ups for Live Art or Glass Art Awards. The online form for the Cannabis Cup sign-ups is still under construction. The page will be available soon. 

Winning prizes for the 2018 Bowl, Live Art Award and Glass Art Award will be announced soon. 

Cannifest Bowl

The Cannifest Bowl is a cannabis flower competition whereby the winner will be chosen by the Cannifest community.  Judging takes place in Area 215 by the first 215 people who wish to judge on Saturday, May 5th. Judging cards must be turned in by 11pm that day, giving you 12 hours to sample the 14 finalists.

We will soon accept entries to the 3rd Annual Cannifest Bowl. The 2018 Cannifest Community Choice  entries will be tested for the most THC, CBD and Terpenes. The analytical results will determine which entries have the highest percentages for each (Most High, Most Medicinal and Most Flavor). The top four from each test will be available for judging in Area 215 at Cannifest. Tests for pesticide, fungicide, and microbiology will also be conducted. A positive result for these will eliminate an entry.

Photos by Biovortex

Cannifest Live Art Award

Humboldt Green will be hosting the Annual Cannifest Community Choice Awards for Art On Canvas this year and is searching for twelve unique painters to participate in the competition. The artists will be provided with a theme and a canvas to paint on. Artists will create their paintings live at Cannifest in front of an audience of passerbys. If you are a local Visual Artist or Painter who can transform what you see from ordinary into extraordinary with a canvas and your choice medium, we would love for you to enter the Community Choice Awards for Art On Canvas.

If you’d like to participate as a painter, please fill out the online Live Artist Sign-Ups

Cannifest Glass Art Award

Are you a local Glass Artist who can transform ordinary sand particles into beautiful pieces of functional art? If so, we would love for you to participate in the Annual Cannifest Community Choice Awards for Glass Art. We are looking for twelve of the best local glass blown pieces to be displayed both Saturday and Sunday at Cannifest. The deadline date to submit an art piece will be late April 2018. If you’d like to participate as a glass artist, please fill out the online Glass Art Sign-Ups