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Community Judging happens at three main events throughout the weekend of Cannifest.

  • Cannifest Bowl
  • Cannifest Live Art Award
  • Cannifest Glass Art Award

Cannifest Bowl

The Cannifest Bowl is a cannabis flower competition whereby the winner will be chosen by the Cannifest community.  Judging takes place in Area 215 by the first 215 people who wish to judge on Saturday, April 15th. Judging cards must be turned in by 11pm that day, giving you 12 hours to sample the 14 finalists.

We are now accepting entries to the 2st annual Cannifest Bowl, a Cannifest Community Choice Award. All entries will be tested for the most THC, CBD and Terpenes. The analytical results will determine which entries have the highest percentages for each (Most High, Most Medicinal and Most Flavor). The top four from each test will be available for judging in Area 215 at Cannifest. Tests for pesticide, fungicide, and microbiology will also be conducted. A positive result for these will eliminate an entry.

The Winner of the Cannifest Bowl Community Choice Award include an iGrow induction light valued at $1200, a genotyping testing kit from Phylos Bioscience and unique ‘trophy’ created just for Cannifest, a one of a kind collaboration between Woodlab and Mirador Glass.

Will you take it home? You’ll have to enter the Cannifest Bowl to win!

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Photos by Biovortex

Cannifest Live Art Award

Cannifest will be hosting the Cannifest Live Art Award this year.  12 painters will be given identical canvases and all day to paint them.  Everyone is encouraged to watch art form right before your eyes, but please respect the attention of the artists while they are creating.

If you’d like to participate as a painter, the Artist Signups are available here.

Cannifest Glass Art Award

Cannifest will be hosting the Cannifest Glass Art Award, showcasing local glass artists.  The community can judge as to their favorite, and a price will be given to the Community’s Choice.  Many of the glass art entries will be functional glass, but that is not a requirement to enter.  If you are interested in entering the Glass Art competition, please fill out the form on this page to enter now.  This is not a donation, so all glass art will be returned to their creators at the end of the festival.