Bump Foundation Group photo

Bump Foundation

Stemming from Humboldt County, The BUMP FOUNDATION has grown their own sound from the seeds of Funk, Soul, and Jazz.They rip up old school cuts from James Brown, Kool and the Gang, Aretha Franklin and rare soul gems, but its their in the pocket originals that push the groove further. Grounded by a driving rhythm section and lifted by in the slot horns, organ, and soulful vocals, The BUMP FOUNDATION brings you the pulse-pounding excitement of a full on FUNK SHOW!!!

Band Members
Greg Camphuis on guitar,
Steven Bernhardt (Fuzz) on Bass,
Tommy Fitzmaurice on drums,
Issac Williams on Sax
Matt Engel on keys,
Leah Crenshaw-Pepke on vocals.
Auxilary Members and special guests: Chris Noonan, Brian Swizlow, Madi Simmons, DJ Rickshaw, Jon Murdock, Lauren Smith…

Bump Foundation is playing Saturday at 1pm on the Grassroots Stage